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My name is Rodney and I am the founder of Body Reinforcement. I started as a personal trainer because I like training and fitness myself and want to help others with this. I also like good food, football, music and a good conversation about life.


I have been giving training since 2012. I started giving Bootcamp trainings and since 2016 I also give personal and small group training. ​


In the years that I have gained experience, I have trained people with different goals. And without exception, there was always one aspect that is important to every customer. The mental health you get from fitness. This is perhaps the most important next to your physical goals. Because what good is a fit body if you don't feel well?


As a trainer, I therefore hope to stimulate my clients mentally, in addition to the physical aspect. Furthermore, I will give you the right tools and guidance, so that you can achieve your goals and keep you motivated during the process.


My mission is to get people to exercise more and to optimize their exercise.

By that I mean to train with the right technique and in a smart way. This also allows you to train much more effectively and minimize the risk of injuries.


Through my own experience of years of training, I have found that training till failure all the time causes problems such as injuries in the long run. In addition to the hours in the gym, you also have to pay extra attention to your body, so that your body remains strong, flexible and balanced. This in turn gives many advantages to the hours you spend in the gym.


I hope to help others with this, so that they know what to do without me to keep themselves and their bodies healthy. After all, you train primarily for your health! And I can help you with that.


Sign up and let's get started together!



Personal Trainer Hoofddorp en Almere
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